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The Raven Magazine is a FREE online magazine. We do not pay for articles or content. We do gift an ad in our magazine to contributors (size determined by magazine management). Our magazine is geared at readers of romance books—specifically women but we do hope to expand our content to appeal to men as well in the near future.

Our content includes but is not limited to: interviews, behind the scenes looks at books, recipes, makeup, fashion, beauty, parenting, DIY projects, writing, aspiring author info, ask an editor, ask an agent, ask an author, issues that are relevant to our readers and so on. We do not offer book reviews. 

Raven Magazine is currently set to have four issues a year. Content fills up quickly. If you are interested in pitching an idea for an article submission please contact michelleATtheravenmagazineDOTcom. Use the subject header Raven Magazine Submission.  

We’re hoping Raven Magazine ends up a huge success. We like being able to give back to romance readers.

We are looking for published authors willing to do short 500-1000k articles on topics relevant to aspiring authors. If you have an idea, please submit it. There is no guarantee of publication.

We are looking for fun, quick and easy recipes. A 300 dpi picture must accompany them. Please ask before submitting. Submission is not guarantee of publication.

Have a quick fun craft project idea? 300 word max, 4 300 dip photos max. Yes, photos are a must. Submission is not guarantee of publication.

ALL content must be PG13.

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Interested in contributing to the Magazine? Contact mandyATravenmagazineDOTcom


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